Woodbury Wide Awake 2020

Focus on the Natural Environment

Inspired by botanist Rev William Keble Martin


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"Nature to me was beautiful ... great emphasis is laid on the truth that every aspect of creation is good and beautiful"

This festival in the Parish of Woodbury, Devon, UK, was begun in 2019.  It explored the life, work and legacy of former local resident and renowned botanist Reverend William Keble Martin - who authored and illustrated the best-selling book The Concise British Flora in Colour (1965), and died in the parish just over 50 years ago in 1969.  The festival also focused on the natural environment locally, on changes that have occurred in it over the last 50 years, and on environmental challenges for the future.  
These themes are continuing to be developed throughout 2020 - especially monitoring, protecting and enhancing the local natural environment of the parish for biodiversity. 
The Covid-19 coronavirus crisis has put many plans on hold for now, but it's not too late to create a wildflower patch in your garden with our free wildflower seeds. 
Wildflower patches are not only a biodiversity hotspot, supporting a myriad of insects, animals and birds, but also create a wonderful sense of well-being ... now, and anytime.
Our seeds were funded last year by the Parish Council and are from Goren Farm wildflower growers near Honiton. We still have a few packs of seeds to cover areas of 2, 3 and 5m2 - just ask!
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