March 27th – Morning cold and cloudy.  

Pre-chorus 6.05am.  Owls, pheasant, skylark 

Chorus started 6.10am.  In order of singing:   

1 blackbird; 2 robin; 3 song thrush; 4 crow; 5 wood pigeon; 6 wren; 7 great tit; 

8 blue tit; 9 chaffinch; 

10 mistle thrush; 11 chiffchaff at 6.53am.


At Woodbury Castle 7.15 am 

Green woodpecker, yellow hammer, wren, chiff chaff, chaffinch, curlew, jackdaw, buzzard, gulls, robin, great tit, greater spotted woodpecker, blackbird.


April 22nd - First heard cuckoos this year and saw them.  

There seemed to be masses of them in all directions; warm afternoon. 


April 30th– Morning overcast but very warm.  

Pre Chorus: cuckoos (many), skylark, tawny owl, crow.

Chorus started 4.58am.  In order of singing: 

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