Woodbury Roadside Wildflower Survey

Floral diversity: 2009 v 2019 


Here are the results of the Woodbury Roadside Wildflower Survey, in which flowering plants on four different road verges in the Woodbury parish were recorded in 2009 and in 2019.  Data from both years was then compared in order to discover the impact of a decade of change.  The original report A Flower Study in Woodbury Parish 2008 - 2011 can be found on the Woodbury History Society website

The result of the comparison between 2009 and 2019 is intriguing and shocking.  Woodbury parish borders an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the villages within the parish are surrounded by countryside, yet the data shows a decline in plant species, greater than the national average (Plantlife’s Road Verge Campaign).


The survey is continuing this year in order to compare results with data collected in 2010, and in the hope of gaining a better understanding of the causes of the decline.


With your help, we hope that publication of this report will raise awareness of the issue and encourage discussion, so please share this page and/or the documents below.

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2009 - 2019

Woodbury Roadside Wildflower Survey

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Roadside Wildflower Survey 

Woodbury Parish

Survey results 2009 v 2019

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