May : Thursday 9th

7.30pm at Holy Trinity Church,

Woodbury Salterton

Entry by donation.  No need to book.

Refreshments, proceeds to the church.

Talk : "Landscape change since

William Keble Martin's time,

and its impact on wildlife"

Patrick Dillon

It is half a century since William Keble Martin died.

What would he make of the countryside today?

Horrified, no doubt, at the loss of biodiversity to urbanisation

and industrial farming.  But intrigued, too, by the few species

that have benefited from these developments. 


This presentation will look at land-use changes in the last 50 years and how they have impacted on wildlife,

especially in and around East Devon where Keble Martin spent his last years.

Patrick Dillon lives in Woodbury Salterton and is Emeritus Professor at the University of Exeter,

College of Social Sciences and International Studies.

Please check out as well some articles on local diversity and decline here.

Image courtesy of Roger Stokes, Woodbury Local History Society.

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