Woodbury Wide Awake

Festival inspired by William Keble Martin

"Nature to me was beautiful ... great emphasis is laid on the truth

that every aspect of creation is good and beautiful"

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This festival throughout 2019 in the Parish of Woodbury, Devon, UK, 

 is inspired by former local resident and renowned botanist

Reverend William Keble Martin.

He was the author and illustrator of the best-selling book

 The Concise British Flora in Colour (1965),

and died in the parish 50 years ago in 1969. 


A series of events and projects will explore

Keble Martin's life, work and legacy;

also the natural environment locally 

and changes that have occurred in it over the last 50 years,

and environmental challenges for the future.  

Events will include natural history walks and talks, wildflower-planting,

storytelling, two exhibitions and a specially commissioned concert.

Arts workshops will include nature writing and wildflower painting.


We are very grateful to the Sustainable Development Fund of East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural BeautyWoodbury Parish Council

Woodbury Salterton Residents' Association,

Woodbury Tuesday Coffee Mornings, 

and to the many individual donors for financial support.  

Also for the participation and support of the parish churches of Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton and Exton;

of the primary schools in Woodbury and Woodbury Salterton;

of local groups, including Woodbury News, Woodbury History Society,

Woodbury Camera Club, Woodbury Community Orchard,  

and Woodbury Landscape History Group;

of other organisations including the Botany Section of the Devonshire Association, RAMM, the Archive at Exeter University, St Luke's Church, Milber

many individuals, and enthusiastic volunteers, speakers, 

facilitators, guides, and creatives;

and last but not least the steering group members.

Thank you.