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5 May : Writing workshop - Poetry in Nature

Updated: May 14, 2019

with Roselle Angwin, in Woodbury Salterton.

Roselle Angwin (L) and participants enjoying the surroundings of young woodland

A group of novice and more practiced writers met to 'experience the natural world through poetic eyes.' Working in silence in a local wood, we recorded our myriad sensations in writing, and later – over tea, and home-made cake that appeared as if by magic – we turned our words into more lyrical form. Any nerves about sharing our writings out loud were quickly put aside, with Roselle’s expert, non-judgmental guidance, and there was a wide and very interesting range of responses. We hope some of these may be worked into pieces for the website and the final exhibition on 23 November.

A couple of participants wrote afterwards:

  • "I really enjoyed the walk yesterday. I confess that I did not know what to expect and was rather alarmed at having to construct on the spot, and read out the effort. But I soon adapted and found it fascinating. Something very uplifting being in the company of creative people and working together as we did. You have given me a valuable experience and thank you very, very much. Roselle is sweet and so encouraging. I liked the other creative minds too."

  • "I so enjoyed the afternoon - thank you."

Roselle Angwin lives in S Devon and is a poet, eco-poet, author, mythologies, psychotherapist, retreat leader and mentor whose work can be found here. She is the author of Writing the Bright Moment - inspiration and guidance for writers, and a number of collections of poetry - see here.

Roselle deservedly has a high reputation as an indoor/outdoor workshop facilitator, and will be running two more Sunday afternoon workshops for us on 7 July and 6 October, to experience the different seasons in different natural environments in the parish.

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